Riverside Capital

Riverside Capital, LLC  is a privately held full-service tax credit syndicator with a national footprint whose mission is to provide investment capital and asset management services for high quality affordable housing developments.  Riverside is one of eight integrated but independent operating companies of The Michaels Organization, a family of companies dedicated to excellence in developing, financing, managing, and owning affordable, mixed income, military and student housing.  Based in Marlton, New Jersey with offices in Florida, Colorado, and California, Riverside has been raising and placing tax equity on developments across the country for more than 18 years.  In the past 2 years, Riverside has raised and placed more than $300 MM in tax credit equity.

Financing Solutions that Transform Communities

Check out our latest development in Warm Springs, OR.

Greeley Heights, located in Oregon, will consists of 35 single family homes and a community center on the Warm Springs Reservation.  This project will have a mix of units varying from 3 bedroom houses to 5 bedroom houses.  All houses will be LIHTC units with the exception of one unit designated for the on-site manager of the property.  

Riverside Capital invested a net equity of $7,374,814 into this new construction which will cost $9,709,967 in total.

Greeley Heights - Warm Springs, OR

After a decade providing unique financing solutions for affordable housing

developments nationwide for only The Michaels Organization, Riverside 
Capital discovered a need for which it was uniquely qualified — to streamline the financing process with simplicity, transparency and predictability. And now as its own entity, Riverside Capital works independently to ensure objectivity and creative problem-solving.
Our services include: 
  • Investment Procurement
  • Fund Syndication
  • Fund Management
  • Asset Management


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